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Located in Kanais, east of Edfu along the desert road to Marsa Alam, lies a small rock-cut temple built by Seti I (1305-1290 BC).

Unfortunately, you will only be able to view the entrance of the temple. The chamber inside the cliff, which has magnificent drawings of Seti I slashing at his enemies and offering a gift to the god Amun, is closed to the public to protect it against defacement.

Not far from the temple there is an ancient well. Superb rock art from pre-dynastic times about 6000 years old up to the period of Seti I decorate the wadi's steep walls with rowing boats, dancing goddesses, long-horned gazelles, fat hippos and hunting scenes.

Closer to the main road are the remains of a Roman fort; an indication of how important this area was in ancient times.