If not Egypt

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If not Egypt

Post by CocoaButter »

If Egypt never came into your lives ,what other destination would you have took and lived in or married and why ...
Mine would have been Hawaii i love the culture and i love the music ,but other than that i miss my home Africa a lot ,i still would root my self hard there .
But i love Hawaii for its peace serenity and its vibrant music its culture fasinates me ,sadly its not as i saw it as you see in films in the 40s and 50s beein ruined with commercial and tourism has had its wear and tear with in the country ,not saying it should not have tourism but it depends on how and what it can help .
I see this in Egypt way too commercialised now sad but true Costa del TUT . :(

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Post by Undutchable »

If it wasn't for all the corruption I would be in South America, Surinam. It is a beautiful country with an amazing jungle, friendly people and wonderful food. My parents are originally from there and I have lived there as a child. Also speak the languages so I would not have the language barrier I have with Arabic. But the corruption is so bad that I could not live there........
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Post by New Gal »

Well I always wanted to live in Dubai and planned on going there initially but the blatant love of money within the society there is really off putting to me and seems to be prevalent among all strands of the society :x

Also India but I may go there for a while anyway…:D
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Post by Claire »

Well if I had n't met my Egyptian husband I would probably have stayed living in France which is where I was when we met! Often wonder how our lives would have been if we had stayed there. I was in Paris. I just love that city but working there was stressful.
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Post by Scott »

My heart is in Russia;
my head is in Estonia
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Post by Christine »

Well if i hadnt lost my haert to Egypt i guess i would ahve settled in Portugal by now, loved it there and visited often when the kids were younger.
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