Good or Bad

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Good or Bad

Post by CocoaButter »

Is Tourism a good thing or a bad thing ,does it help boost the economy of the country your visiting or send it to sheer hell .
Poverty is with in any country its a known fact ,we have it here in Britain should not but we do sadly ,are we boosting with the tourism coming in to boost us out of the poverty areas .I see Egypt with so much poverty when there plenty and even status symbols but with a certain boost of wealth in one area where poverty was reciding the poor did not benefit ,i thought this was wrong ,boosting an economy was to help the people with in was it not ...
I also see that by exstending the tourism area we take away from the poor in the first place and send them into an area of even more poor and unadequate facilities .
would be grateful for better views than the one i have given
Shukran .xx

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Post by Christine »

CCbutter you get good and bad in all things.
Tourism is good in many respects for poorer countries in that it provides employment to many, the government of that country can of course always use more of the money it makes to help to provide better quality of living for its people but pften dont, this is not the fault of the tour operators but the greed of the government.
Tourism opens worlds to us and to others, giving us all a peek should we wish to take it of how the other half live so to speak, and shows us new and ecxiting cultures that were it not for travel and tourism we may only get to read about.
so it has my vote.
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